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I was recommended Karim Malek’s office by my dentist and I am so glad this place exists. I have terrible anxiety and have had a difficult time taking care of any dentistry related issues because of it. I was so nervous going in for my root canal but I’m so grateful that I came here. I couldn’t even wait to write this review until I got home.  The staff was kind and professional and did their absolute best to make this root canal as pain free and pleasant as possible. I would hands down refer any family or friends to this office!

San Jose

Expecting lengthy procedure but went pretty quickly for 2 teeth root canal. In and out zero pain. Great team great experience!

San Jose

Dr. Malek and the staff are amazing …they are kind and thoughtful… very helpful and very quick and efficient. They have a a nice office . It’s very nice calming environment.

San Jose

Once upon a time I scoffed in the face of people who had teeth pain. That day soon went away this week, when I experienced the worst pain of my life. I tried to wait it out, but it came to a point where it made my ear hurt, neck hurt, and headache. I was popping Advils every 2 hours. I finally made an emergency appointment with my dentist, who suggested a root canal with a specialist, since it was too complex of a situation for her. She referred me to Dr. Malek, right down the street from my house. The next morning I called Dr. Malek’s office bright and early at 9am. They were able to see me at 11am, not sure for a consultation, but for the real deal! Within those 2 hours they were able to look up my insurance, give me info on what was to happen, etc. Everyone at Dr. Malek’s office is great, from Stephanie, my first point of contact on the phone, to his dental assistant, who was able to answer all of my questions, and helped calm my nerves a bit.

When it came time to sit in the chair and start the work, I was so scared, my body was literally shaking and all clenched up. Dr. Malek talked to me the ENTIRE time, telling me what a good job I was doing, how we’re almost done, how it’s just a little noise, just like an encouraging personal trainer would at the gym. Any time I made any inclination that I was in pain, he’d stop to see if I was okay. If I wasn’t, he’d inject me with more pain killer.

To be honest, the root canal is probably the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through. There’s no NICE way to numb the nerve before taking it out. However, the Dr. Malek and his staff went out of their way to give me a great experience. I ended up doing 3 root canals in the course of 45 minutes, and was only away from work for a total of 1 hour 45 minutes. With one of those hours being lunch, I only had to really take 45 minutes off from work.

This was yesterday. Last night and this morning I had some soreness in my mouth, but nothing like what I had been experiencing. And right now, I feel great. Nothing hurts anymore. I love Dr. Malek, but don’t love getting root canals, that’s for sure. If you have to do it, come here. They’ll see you asap, and make the whole procedure QUICK, but unfortunately not painless.

Vi Y.
San Jose, CA

I was having a lot of pain. I called my general dentist and she gave me Dr. Malek phone number. I called and they got me in that day thank god. The staff was great!!!! The Dr. was very nice and talked me through the whole root canal. I would definitely tell my family and friends.

Mike R.
San Jose, CA

I went to Dr. Malek for 3 root canals (cavities drilled too deep by another dentist). After being numbed up, the procedure went by very quickly. Dr. Malek was very efficient and finished much faster than expected. His staff is very friendly, and though you pay quite a bit for the procedure; you get what you pay for. I have not had any problems with the root canals I had done; and that was 8 months ago. He is so comfortable with the procedure that his calmness helps to make the experience almost pleasant. If you have had trouble with dentists before and need a root canal done right, I recommend Dr. Malek.

Karla O.
San Jose, CA

All I have to say is thank god for Dr. Karim Malek, I was in so much pain and agony that I could not sleep for two days, nothing would help so I called my general dentist and he referred me to Dr. Malek. Receptionist was so nice on the phone at their office. They got me in right away and everyone greeted me with a smile and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Malek was very professional and explained the whole procedure to me and answered all my questions. I didn’t even feel the injection while he numbed me and I had some relief. He is very gentle and caring doctor. He was done in about an hour and I didn’t feel anything. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. I recommend anyone to go see Dr. Malek, for the best experience.

Nick F.
Sunnyvale, CA

I got a root canal a few years ago from an infected cracked tooth and it was my first. The whole experience there was fantastic. I’ve had fillings done that caused more pain than his root canal procedure. The only thing was when the anesthesia wears off later, you’re gonna have some random soreness and pain in your mouth. Great Dr. and staff. I actually may have to go back to him in the next week or two and am actually looking forward to it.

Damion V.
San Jose, CA

I was in pain and needed a root canal. When I called they took me in right away. The staff was very friendly and professional. They made me feel comfortable (as much as possible). Dr. Malek made me comfortable by relieving the pain right away. The procedure itself was quick and painless. It took less than an hour. The shots were administered painlessly too. The staff called me the next day to follow up on my treatment and make sure everything was ok, which it was. I highly recommend Dr. Malek and his staff.

Nazanin S.
San Jose, CA

I was squeezed into Dr. Malek’s office for an early appointment today. My original appointment was for Wednesday, but I couldn’t wait anymore, my tooth was killing me.

I got to the dental office at 9:45, I was greeted with smiles and a hello upon arrival. I knew then that it was going to be a good experience, and it was.

I waited in the waiting area and filled out the usual forms before one of his assistants took me back to be seen. When took a seat, I was seen by Dr. Malek. He took a couple of x-rays, which were actually instant, no more waiting 10 minutes for the film to develop, the x-rays were sent directly to a laptop which was on the table next to us. AMAZING I must say!

Dr. Malek then got me prepped, he saw a couple of other patients and when my anesthesia had kicked in they began the root canal.

What was even more amazing than the x-ray machine was the piece of latex that they covered my mouth with to isolate the work so that nothing drilled would fall into the back of my mouth.

About 30-40 minutes later… I was done! No more pain, no more having to rinse w/ salt and water, no more having to look up toothache remedies on the “interweb.”

I can now feel my cheek, and there is barely any pain from the procedure. I would be more than pleased to get another root canal here…. if ever necessary.

Jonathan E.
San Jose, CA