Endodontic Recalls – December 2013

Endodontic Recalls December 2013

A Complication of Number 14

Intent was to place crown on number 14, a fistula and separated file were found. Dr. Malek performs an apicoectomy and bone…

Video Showcase – September 2013

Video Showcase September 2013

A Skilled Doctor & Assistant – Amazing Handwork

Dr. Karim Malek, a San Jose endodontist is shown with his Assistant. Notice the skill and coordination of…

Endodontic Recalls – August 2013

Endodontic Recalls August 2013

Tooth Number 7 Saved – Cyst Removed

Dr. Karim Malek treats a patient with problem on No. 7, and removed large cyst during treatment.

Root Canal Recalls – June 2013

Root Canal Recalls June 2013

Splint on Number 9 from Pool Accident

Dr. Karim Malek, a San Jose endodontist discusses a recent case; a tooth is treated with a root canal that was…

Endodontic Recalls – May 2013

Endodontic Recalls May 2013

Chewing Pain on # 20 Led to More…

Dr. Karim Malek, a San Jose endodontist discusses a recent case and the diagnosis of chewing pain on # 20.

Endodontic Recalls – April 2013

Endodontic Recalls April 2013

Cold Sensitivity Reveals Another Root

Tooth Number 18 had a root canal done, but patient was still having cold sensitivity. See how the second root was…

Rare Case – March 2013

Rare Case March 2013

Two Roots Found on Canine During Endodontic Retreat Patient came in for a re-treat on a canine- a rare second root was discovered. Running time 2: 10

Pediatric Cases – February 2013

Pixel Genesis Karim Malek, DMD, presents a case, a ten year old patient– tooth not formed well and became infected. Attempted Pixel Genesis.