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Endodontic Recalls – December 2014

Endodontic Recalls December 2014

30 Year Old Silver Point on # 30. Can It Be Saved?

Dr. Malek treats a case that had extreme poor prior treatment. Our treatment included an apicoectomy…

Endodontic Recalls – August 2014

Endodontic Recalls August 2014

Complicated Endodontic Cases

Dr. Karim Malek, a San Jose California endodontist presents complicated cases including two with separated files and one…

Endodontic Recalls – December 2013

Endodontic Recalls December 2013

A Complication of Number 14

Intent was to place crown on number 14, a fistula and separated file were found. Dr. Malek performs an apicoectomy and bone…

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